Floorr Magazine artist directory

Floorr Magazine artist directory is a fun place to gather my thoughts, view and read about other artists’ work, and contemplate my art practice. Click here to view my listing

I went through a selection process the first year I submitted to Floorr. The independent publisher accepted my work and it felt important to get my new abstract photographs out and into the international community.

Pandemic discovery

I’m reserved when it comes to writing about myself and the work I create. During the pandemic I’ve found it helps to relax my mind. Writing affords me the opportunity to approach new work with a set of rules and theories for discovery. The writing process, now standard in my practice, is an easier way to discover and bring light to creation. I sit for long hours quietly thinking about light, color and shadows, watching nature and the power of her resounding resilience. It comes through in my written artistic approach to creating work on the Floorr directory. 

Process discusion

I work best in silence. I never thought I would be typing this statement but being alone in thought with no distraction or external sound is best. Blasting music is always fun and it gets me sketching and rolling through ideas and seeing shapes stacked up but the real work, my best work, is done alone in silence. 

I retain what I see and read best in this silent space. What I enjoy the most about silence is the pace time chooses to fabricate. Time stops for me when it’s quiet. I watch shadows move across stones in my yard or pieces of sunlight wander along a wooden wall. Their journey the only marker that time is running and spinning. 

A fun 5 minute challenge

Visit the Floorr Magazine artist directory page and find one artwork. It doesn’t have to be mine, and sit and look at it for five minutes. Click here to contact me about your experience. If you wish title the email “5 minutes.” I’ll add you to the mailing list and we can chat. I’ll be giving away smaller artworks toward the end of the year and quarterly throughout 2021.  

Stay safe and have fun viewing the artwork. 


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