Efímero Vida Muerte Arte 

Memory ultimately holds our most profound personal experiences, even when there are only pieces that survive. “Wedding Present” addresses the ephemeral quality of memory and the perception of time as it pairs with memory.

Each segment of the piece represents how life events can become fragmented and eroded by the passage of time, injury, or disease. As we hold onto the memory fragments, the perception of events in our lives shared by family members experiencing the same event might be remembered and retold in a non-congruent way and buoyed by the distorted passing of time. 

For 100 pesos, you (the spectator) can take a piece of this photographic art. Extracting a fragment and carrying it represents memory and symbolizes remembrance fractured, faded, and partially lost over time.

Below is the time-lapse of the artwork “Wedding Present” created by Doug Winter with the help of opening night gallery attendees.


Efímero Vida Muerte Arte show was brutal and complex for me to plan. I had to take many tests on photographic print materials, adhesives, and cameras for the stop-motion aspect of the piece to be realized. Unfortunately, the PRPG gallery does not have the staff or collaborative capacity to help with artwork installation. Knowing this from my last exhibition experience at PRPG, I packed my iPhone 8 for stop-motion, a monopod, a ruler, a tape measure, rubber cement, a level, pens, and pencils. I packed all of this in my carry-on luggage. So I installed the work myself with supplies I brought for the US. 

Doug Winter installing artwork in a gallery. Close up of Doug Winter installing artwork which isa series of squares of a family portrait. Framed artwork of a family portrait titled Wedding Present which is a series of 48 squares with 8 squares missing. Certificate of Authentic for the Efemro Show

The final artwork: 28×28″ (71.12×71.12 cm) archival pigment print made of 48 three by three inch (7.62×7.62 cm) squares. The work was successful and made an impact. It was featured on Instagram feeds and other social media outlets. 9 squares were removed during the gallery opening. 

Unfortunately, after this exhibition opened (on October 31) I severed professional business ties and all representation with PRPG, Micheal Swank, and the Residency. PRPG changed its name to “Art Gallery Studios” on December 29th, 2022. 

Efímero Vida Muerte Arte: We are all united in our experiences of birth and death. Our journey from birth to death is as individual as each of us, in fact, that journey may be what makes us individuals. PRPG.mx (Now Art Gallery Studios 12/2002) is pleased to offer the unique experiences and cultural perspectives of an international collective of artists that includes; Steven Baboun (Haiti), Leah Cupino (USA), Jessi Rapp (USA) Annie Trevorah (UK), Kelly Leslie & Craig Cully (USA), Kathryn Mayo (USA), Miguel Cascos (Mexico), Libbet Loughnan (Australia), Doug Winter (USA), Yiannis Sakellis (Cyprus), Javier Ocampo (Mexico), Rachel Dawson (USA), Jenny Chernansky (USA), Emmanuel Guerra (USA), Cristian Cecaldi (Mexico), Alex Cabrera (Mexico), Micheal Swank (USA), and ORT Project (USA).

Curator and Director @theQueerAlchemist – Cultural Manager @RodrigoArciniega – Sponsors #Babbel #premiumbeersgroup #thememorycellar #bagelslepu #vamonosreciomezcaExhibition location: Lucerne Street 1 | Inside 102 | Corner of Bucareli and Lucerna | Another Side of Guadalajara Pharmacy. Opening hours to the public on Saturdays from 3 to 7 PM

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