Italian Art Collector Concettotimpani, known as Luca Timpani, acquired and artists proof of my abstract artwork “Light inside light, Reflection #7” for his #Concettotimpani project.

About Luca and the Concettotimpani project

Luca Timpani is a lawyer specializing in copyright and protection of intellectual property in Rome. He has a long passion for art but just got his foot in the collecting scene. Luca started collecting in 2010 and is already one of the most loved figures on social media. Especially through his Instagram @concettotimpani

In this online-to-offline world, Luca developed his own #concettotimpani project. An interactive and dynamic means of art sponsorship based on social networks. Enhancing lesser known artists’ visibility and finding them a potential audience. His collection is displayed around his home, the appropriately named: “Salotto Timpani”, Timpani’s Lounge. 

Established in Rome by Luca Timpani, the project deals with the protection and sponsorship of art and boasts a roster of over 100 artists. From painters to sculptors, muralist and illustrator all over the world.

The aims of #concettotimpani is to promote more or less famous artists, in order to help the latter to get visibility arising from the audience attracted by the firsts. The synergy between several authors – put in contact by Luca Timpani with collectors, galleries and art lovers in general – increases their audience by making the most of the potential of social networks and offering a large and diversified market of potential buyers.

During this journey, Luca Timpani keeps a close relationship with his artists, helping them with sales and relationships with clients interested in custom and commissioned works.

Through #concettotimpani therefore, Luca Timpani helps to connect professionals and enthusiasts of the art industry, sharing experiences, collections and, of course, sales services.

Timpani, also known as “concettotimpani”, is an art influencer, dealer, curator and lawyer, based in Rome, Italy. He is the founder of #concettotimpani project, an experimental social platform for the promotion of contemporary artists.

How my work wound up in Italy 

Luca saw my abstract photographic work through Instagram and messaged me about one of my pieces acquired for his collection in the @concettotimpani salon.

We exchanged email and he explained that the project aims to sponsor more and less famous authors, in order to help the latter to have visibility and potential customers, arising from the audience attracted by the first, “The artist are very happy, and so am I.” How could I not want to be part of this incredible collection or work that includes Damien Hirst, Mario SchifanoTaner CeylanK-NarfDavid LaChapellePietro RuffoLucio Fontana

The philosophy 

To further get know him and the project Luca sent me an interview he did on the Larry’s List website. What really spoke to me and engaged me to send work to Concettotimpani was how Luca answered this question.

Would you ever consider showing your collection to the public?
For now, I want to keep all the work for me and for my friends. They belong to me, and I want to enjoy them every morning when I wake up. 

I really believe in living with artwork. It’s potential to relax, energize and hold the space and influence the overall mood of the room. I don’t want my work to wind up in storage and locked away in a museum basement like a hostage. Artwork is for living and enjoying daily, as Luca said “I want to enjoy them every morning when I wake up.”  IConcettotimpani

Read the entire Larry’s List interview with Luca here.

Visit the Concettotimpani website  

Light Inside Light, Day 7


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