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Jesa loves cycling casually through midtown Sacramento, getting coffee, picking up fresh baked bread and buying local honey. Her husband William bought her this French Mercier Mixte at the Old Soul at WeatherStone coffee house a year before he passed away.



Scott is a two-dimensional artist who uses conceptual ideas and line theory to build his minimalistic portraits of people. Here he explains how drawing a line is much like manipulating a piece of string and can be bent and shaped into any direction to suit and fit the desires of the artist.



Dane is a mathematics professor who uses physical models in class to demonstrate the study of spherical trigonometry–angles and distances of figures on a sphere. This study is applied to navigation and explains why flight paths are shown as a curved arc and not as a straight line.



Holly enjoys learning about radio frequency and has a close bond with her father who has imparted his love of radio frequency theory to her.



The first step in cryptography is to make unbreakable code combinations of communication. Using his lucky #2 pencil, a piece of notebook paper and limitless imagination, Joaquin makes up his own languages. Children like Joaquin could prove to be our new hope in ensuring national cyber safety for the future.



Bob is a Veteran of foreign wars and spent most of his life in the trucking industry serving as a lead dispatcher of cargo throughout the USA.



A gifted young engineer, Austin collects and modifies Nerf guns–he takes them apart and resembles them in a matter of minutes and modifies the guns to extend the range, velocity and accuracy of the Nerf bullets.



Jen demonstrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a form of psychological acupressure based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments without the invasiveness of needles. Her expression of this universal healing tool springs from her interests, both personally and professionally, in the healing arts.


A star gazer from a young age, Adrianna first fell in love with the night skies while watching science fiction movies and daydreaming about the adventures of Luke Skywalker and his father Darth Vader. “I love Star Wars and it might be out there, who knows, we might discover that we are not alone someday.”



Hoa discovered a passion for snowboarding while on a chance trip to the mountains with her brother and her friends. Adventurous at heart, Hoa embraced the sport and discovered that she could easily see the math equations in the curves and hills of the tree and snow spotted giants.



Mia is a curious nine-year-old and has an inquisitive eye for visual sleight of hand. She is fascinated by optical illusions and 3D technology, from antique stereoscopes to virtual reality glasses.



Hailee adopted an elderly Chihuahua “Frank” who has special health needs. He battles heart problems and arthritis. Hailee uses a combination of natural remedies to help Frank. She gives Frank walking exercises to help strengthen him and this daily routine helps her gauge Frank’s progress.



With symbols and objects of witchcraft a large part of her life, Jessica uses the pentagram as a protective amulet. It tells us that we have the ability to bring spirit and earth together; this applies to every area of practical day-to-day living, as well as sacred thought. She believes that the ability of bringing Spirit to Earth is what makes us whole.



Juni is a nurse who focuses on the circulatory function of humans. She concentrates on the neck and head area of the body to educate patients and their families. She is using a crumpled piece of paper to demonstrate how one piece of plaque build-up in arteries can cause serious injury or death.



Xico González is a multi-faceted artist and cultural activist. His provocative visual art and poetry serve as a powerfully inspiring platform for civil rights activism and social change.



Kathryn lives and works as an artist and professor of photographic processes. She uses the mathematics of light frequencies and the electromagnetic spectrum of light theory to create beautiful camera-less images on paper and glass.



Max is a gentle and curious individual who is also a world traveler. He is an accomplished artist whose creations often incorporate natural elements and show the connection between the human world and nature.



Gospel is a dynamic and passionate artist who studies Tango in her spare time. She is a visually gifted person who can easily envision the flow and rhythm of the steps she and her partner create during each dance they perform.



Using classic science fiction literature as their inspiration, virtual time travelers Jonathan and Rebecca investigate how closely those authors predicted the future from their 19th century typewriters.

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